Discussion: What Future Technology Are You Not Looking Forward To And Why?

On the ZAGGblog, we celebrate gadgets, technology, and the benefits they bring to our daily lives. While day-to-day innovations in tech are by and large awesome, the reality is, there are some technologies that are poised to detract from our lives, and possibly be seen as negative for us in the future.

The question of “Which impending technologies are you NOT looking forward and why?” was a hot topic on the social link aggregation site Reddit on Tuesday, with hundreds of users giving their thoughts and creating an interesting discussion regarding technologies that might not be celebrated in the future.

“It seems like in most of our lifetimes we will easily see electronic paper displays, cars driving themselves, wireless charging, smartware clothing, and possibly some kind of augmented reality,” wrote Reddit user lostandsafe, the user who started the discussion. “Technology can save us time and money, but can also create a lot of dependencies. ”

Some of the most frequently mentioned “potentially negative” technologies included RFID chips, mind reading technology, driverless cars, and further integration of social media into our lives.

It’s interesting to pause for a moment and think about the implications of each technology, considering how they exist and are used today, and think about potential uses in the future. RFID tags are a great example because today their uses are limited to things like inventory control in stores and warehouses, and use in bank cards, but in the future, their signal strength and security could be increased to monitor customer movements in stores, through communities, and even in homes.

What are some technologies you see emerging in the future that could potentially bring negative consequences with them?

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