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The iPad is the king of the tablet market and can be found in living rooms across the US. One thing that you may not expect though, is that the iPad is working its way into the boardroom as well. While it is still certainly a leisure item, the iPad has seen its share of work in the business world as well. With the introduction of the iPad 2 and dual-cameras, business conferencing can be taken to a whole new level. So, if you thought of the iPad just as a toy, think again.

One example that I found particularly innovative was with “Zoom Room” a canine fitness center/ gym. Besides the fact that it is hilarious that such businesses actually, the people at Zoom Room put the iPad to good use. All of their dog clients wear an electronic collar piece that is scanned via the iPad. It allows employees increased mobility, something I can imagine to be essential when dealing with over-excited dogs that need increased exercise. In addition, the company uses the iPad for all of its transactions, appointments and various other business procedures.

While business practicality of the iPad is certainly a niche market as of now, it definitely provides an innovative alternative for some companies. The Facetime feature of the new iPad is something that is sure to catch on. In terms of office communications, the iPad 2 may be the next innovation. E-mail is heavily used, but if everyone has an independent video to video communication method, simple interactions can occur that much faster. I have friends at several larger corporations who use video chat as a quicker means to email, and already have plans to use the iPad 2 for improved performance of that practice. So, while you may not see Donald Trump announcing “you’re fired!” via and iPad anytime soon, don’t rule out the iPad for innovative business practices.

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  • Zoom Room


  • Zoom Room

    We do love our iPads — and so do our employees and most of all, our customers. We’re excited about the iPad 2 (picking up our first tomorrow) for lots of reasons, not the least of which being the ease of taking photographs of all the great dogs and their owners.