Do You Suffer From Gadget Fatigue?

2012 is upon us, and with the new year comes a new “disease.”  Dubbed “gadget fatigue”, this new disease is spreading amongst consumers like wildfire.  According to a survey released by nonprofit product testing and certification organization Underwriters Laboratories, 48% of gadget consumers polled believe that tech and gadget manufacturers are building and releasing new products “faster than people need them.”

There is huge supply and not nearly as much demand as tech makers would like there to be.  Personally, I agree with the feeling that once you buy a nice, shiny new gadget, it’s often out of date very quickly.  If you let this get to you, gadget fatigue is sure to set in quickly.  However, this doesn’t bother me.  Yes my iPhone 4 is now out of date, but it is still a great phone and does everything I need it to (and more).  It’s not the shiniest, newest thing, but it’s great.

Same with my Dell XPS Laptop that I custom ordered  online this summer.  It is very powerful and has so far handled everything I’ve thrown at it.  Is it the most powerful laptop on the market?  Not anymore.  Does this bother me?  Nope.

Needless to say, I do not suffer from gadget fatigue.  But that is because I am not concerned with being on the leading, bleeding edge of new technology.  I have some very nice gadgets I keep around me, and they do what I need them to.  I personally feel that those who feel they need to be on the edge only do so in order to get attention from others when they pull out that flashy new phone or tablet.  And if they are unable to, they get gadget fatigue.

But I do sympathize with the frustration that comes with having your new gadget being outdated a few weeks later.

How do you feel about gadget fatigue?  Do you suffer from it or are you like me (happy with the gadgets you have)?


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