Dock Card: The portable iPhone dock

There are two things wrong with iPhone docks. The first is that they aren’t portable. The second is that they use a single connector, and as Apple just proved dock connectors change.

Portable iPhone Dock

There are countless iPhone docks out there. Some of them are very well designed. Some of them are not very well designed. The nice thing about Apple having the single most successful smartphone on the market is that there is a thriving accessory market.

I take my phone with me everywhere. It comes to my house; it comes to my office; it comes to my work place. Most docks are bigger than the iPhone, and I wouldn’t want to keep track of them between all the places I dock. The Dock Card solves the portability problem.

At just 2.1″(w) x 3.3″(d) x 0.2″(h), this compact dock can easily fold down and fit in your pocket. When opened up, it can work in either landscape or portrait mode, and has a pop-up 30-pin dock connector. That little red part is a short cable which can be connected to your iPhone’s wall charger or your computer’s USB port.

The Port

This is another product that is antiquated by the new 8-Pin Lightning connector. Any early iPhone adopters will be out of luck. Which is the hard part of the transition phase Apple is in.

Yes, the iPhone being the strongest selling smartphone on the market means there is a massive aftermarket. However, with a division of connectors, what will happen to the market. Will they create accessories for the future, or will they create accessories for the hundreds of millions.

Joshua Howland

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