Does Best Buy Sell More iPhones Than Apple Stores?

When you go to buy the latest Apple product, whether it’s an iPod, iPhone, MacBook or iPad, where do you go to buy it? Do you go to the nearest Apple store? Some people are a bit pickier and want to buy their Apple products from the store itself while others will go to whichever place carries those products. Well, if you’re like me, you would go to any store that sells the product. But, which two places would be the most reliable in carrying those products?

In terms of sold iPhones, statistics suggest that Best Buy sells almost the same amount as Apple Stores do. Why is this? Why don’t people buy the product from the store with the same name brand? Are products at stores different prices? Does it really matter where you buy your iPhone?

The problem I face when I want to buy an iPhone is that I can never find the Apple store. I think this is because I know another store will sell iPhones and I know the location of these other stores. I hardly ever go to Apple stores because they are exclusive to Apple and hardly ever sell any other brand of phone or form of entertainment. So, if I wanted to look at everything technology entertainment had to offer, my first choice would be to go to Best Buy. At Best Buy I could look at more than just Apple products. I could look at the competing companies’ products and I could compare. Maybe this is why Best Buy almost matches the Apple store in terms of iPhone sales.

What do you think?  Is Best Buy just more accessible, or is there another reason people buy their iPhones from Best Buy rather than an Apple store?

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