Does This Helmet Make Your Hair Grow Back?

Yes…. It exists. “What’s that on your head?”  “Oh, it just grows my hair.”

In a world where there are only hair creams and hair implants, a new, more safe and effective way to grow hair has been announced. Through hair growing laser technology (or something…) it is now possible to have a full head of hair. The science that makes these lasers grow hair has existed for a while. Back then, we just didn’t have the technology to build something like this…. I am happy to announce the IGrow! It’s quite a simple and generic name for this invention, but I believe (if it actually works) it is an effective name for the gizmo!

Like I said, I still don’t know for sure if this helmet (the IGrow) works or not. I suppose you’d have to look into it for yourselves if you were that interested. The coolest thing about it is its built in headphones. This way, you can enjoy your music while your hair grows back!  Or, (… if you’re too embarrassed to admit what the machine really does…) you can just say that it’s a high-tech headphone system! I know that’s what I would do!

So do you think it actually works?

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  • Martin Douglas McIntosh

    Not just no but hell no it doesn’t work.

  • Vincent

    The jury is still out for me. On my fifth week. Not long enough to see if it works. I have a small amount of thinning hair on top and a thinning on my crown. So if it is going to work, it should work on me. I am using it consistently as directed. So I will give you an honest review if it works. 4 to 6 months should do it. Has anyone else used it for six months as directed? Let me know your results.