Dog Vacay is here to solve your pet-sitter problems

Fear no more for your furry friends while you are away, Dog Vacay is here to solve your pet-sitter problems! Dog Vacay is essentially Airbnb for dogs – you simply drop off your pooch at the home of a fellow dog lover to take care of while you are out of town.

The site allows anyone who wants to host dogs in their home to apply for a listing for free. Homeowners set their own prices, schedules and even have the option to specify what types of dogs they are willing to host (small dogs vs large dogs etc).  Hosts also share information about themselves and their experiences with animals on the site, and provide reviews for the pets they have watched. Pet owners can leave reviews as well once they have picked up their dogs.

To ensure safety, Dog Vacay calls hosts and checks social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to verify identities. Insurance plans are also available, and hosts can rent GPS-enabled dog collars to track their pets. Hosts are also encouraged to post photo updates of the pets they are watching during their owners vacations, to keep the owners at ease.

Dog Vacay was initially started in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but will hopefully rapidly expand to other metropolitan cities. The company hopes to launch iPhone and Android apps for the site, as well as expand their domain names for and

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