Don’t just pin things…BO.LT things

What happens if all of the Pinterest pins you’ve been carefully pinning for months just up and disappear? What if the sites you pin things from no longer exist? Or you get the dreaded 404 Page Not Found message? Never fear, BO.LT is here.

BO.LT is like Pinterest but a bit more…secure. Want to know more? Here you go:

  • BO.LT is a website saver. It literally saves a copy of whatever you “BO.LT” for future reference. The webpage you save will always appear exactly as it does at the second you save it, even if the website changes.
  • BO.LT lets you keep things a little more private. Plan surprise parties, or that wedding that hasn’t even come close to happening yet, all without having to explain yourself to anyone.
  • BO.LT lets you reap the rewards of all of your awesome finds. With a “sticky note” feature, BO.LT encourages users to add their own comment/caption to their saved page and allows for that “sticky note” to follow the page wherever it goes from there. According to BO.LT’s website, sticky notes “are a little package of your personal brand that travels with the page, wherever it is shared, and link back to your collection on BO.LT and even to your blog or site.”
  • Instead of merely inspiration through pictures, share true content. We all love Pinterest and how fun it is to stare at all of the delicious food, funny images, quotes or gorgeous events and clothes but what about really truly sharing information? BO.LT let’s you do some of the research and save exactly what you want to to share and keep ideas in one place. Sure, still share the fun and useful images but also have the option to BO.LT down some serious content.

Ready to BO.LT your heart out? Here’s how to get started:

1)     Go to BO.LT and get on the waiting list. Like Pinterest, you need an invite to join the club.

2)     Add the BO.LT bookmark button to your bookmark bar. Use the button to BO.LT your pages, similar to the Pin It button.

3)     Start BO.LTing!

So, why would you Pin when you can BO.LT?

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