Double Robot Lets You Go Everywhere From Your iPad

Ever wanted to go to the Louvre, but couldn’t afford it? Double Robotics has a device that one day might get you a little bit closer.

The company created a kit they call Double that turns your iPad into a “telepresence robot.” That means you can see through the iPad’s camera, control the device, look up and down, etc. And anyone seeing Double will see your image on the iPad, very much like a FaceTime call.

They claim it’s “the most elegant way to be somewhere else in the world without flying there.” It’s built out of only two wheels, a pole, a motor, and an iPad holder, and weighs only 15 pounds.

Double Robotics is based out of California, and hope that it becomes a viable telecommute option for workers. While it does seem a little weird to imagine right now, I think it would be a decent way of touring a museum if you can’t actually be there.

The Double will sell for $1,999 if you pre-order, and will retail for $2,499.

UPDATE: The first run of production has sold out. All orders placed going forward will be delivered starting in 2013.

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