Download Songify, Record a ZAGG Song, Send It To Us, and Win

Songify is a free iPhone app (for Android, try MicDroid) that, according to cnet, “takes spoken text and then tunes, chops, and sequences it with pre-written backround music” and creates a musical number. We have a blast with this app so we thought we’d ask you to create some ZAGG-themed Songify songs. To make it worth your time, when you send us a Songify song about ZAGG, we’ll send you a discount code worth 50% off your next purchase (limit one per person). Additionally, we’ll give the best Songify song a $100 eGift Card.

To submit your Sonify song….

  1. Watch the video above or click here to view it on YouTube
  2. Download the app
  3. Record your ZAGG song
  4. Email your song to

That’s it! We’ll get you a discount code and judge the songs. Please note that we may use your song in a video at the end of the contest. You have until noon EDT on Monday, July 18, 2011. Happy singing!

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