eBay Redesigned the iPad App. Why? For Users. Not for Apple. (via @jkhowland)

Any website called Beautiful Pixels has my attention. Mikhail Madnani, reviewed the new 2.0 release of the iPad app from eBay.

Sometimes it’s surprising that companies don’t support the latest features of the iPad, like the retina display. Sometimes it’s surprising when they do.

Company of design?

eBay isn’t exactly known for it’s impressive design. The latest update to their iPad app (version 2.0) is a fresh break.

They pushed the update offering features that were requested, but more imporantly a complete overhaul of the UI. The main update to the UI was the support for retina resolution.

The overall app is very smooth, responsive (are you listening Facebook?) and supports both portrait and landscape mode. The app is full of pleasing subtle textures that make you want to use the app more and more.

Of course, this isn’t typical of eBay, so you get comments all over the web, including one from John Gruber.

Good design. From eBay. Think about that.

Features, and design

Let’s not make this about Apple. This is about eBay. They updated their app, and they made it more than just pretty.

Design updates are impressive. for most users however, it’s not enough. I know that when I overhauled my app, and added only design updates, and no feature updates, most users were not impressed.

eBay did a lot more than update design in this latest app:

Most users have had to use the mobile version of the site for certain functionality which wasn’t present in the app like editing listings, etc. Using a mobile website is never as good as using an app as we all know. This update changes everything.

Make it happen guys

Big brands need to continually put effort into their apps. It’s good to see eBay making moves. We don’t want a mobile website container like others – Facebook!

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