EcoATM: Ca$h for Recycling Electronics

EcoATM is a start-up based company from California with a new and innovative idea. Their ATM machines allow users to deposit used electronics to be recycled in exchange for a cash reward. The company has placed around 15 machines throughout California, and in one year these kiosks have facilitated the recycling of over 50,000 electronic devices. While the cost and profit margins have not been announced for using these kiosks, the idea is certainly an intriguing one.

The process of using the EcoATM kiosks is remarkably simple. All you have to do is insert your device into the machine and wait for your cash. The machine does a diagnostic to determine the value, depreciation and condition of your electronic device. It then makes you an offer and if you accept, spits out your cash. The company boasts that the kiosks have a very comparable exchange rate and will you give you a fair price.

This seems to kill two birds with one stone. First off, you don’t have to try to individually sell your used appliances and risk your buyer being the pants-less craigslist bandit. Secondly, you are doing the environment a solid. Used electronics are one the items that rarely get slated for recycling because users do not realize that they could be recycled. EcoATM is currently expanding its franchise locations, but don’t expect to see one down the street anytime soon. Though if you are a Google employee you feel free to turn in your used electronics for some extra spending money (though if you work at Google, you probably don’t need any…)

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