Engaged? Need addresses? Ditch Facebook, create a wedding site

BesideYouForever just launched a service for creating personal wedding websites.

It’s far better than the current process for newly engaged couples: Asking for everyone’s addresses via Facebook.

It’s beautiful, useful, and easy to set up.

Beautiful design

The site makes it easy to design a beautiful wedding site.

RSVP form

Incredibly useful

Sites created on BesideYouForever include a Google map, engagement photos, links to online registries, and an option to RSVP online. Guests that RSVP also get an email reminder the day before the wedding!

For $59 a site, is much cheaper than printing out expensive invitations. It’s $29 if you like their Facebook page.

You and your friends can share the wedding on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Easy to set up

Weddings are stressful and hard to plan (from what I hear), so making things easy should be a big priority.

Just for kicks, I went through the process of creating a wedding site.

It was surprisingly easy.

The developers paid great attention to detail to make site creation easier. For example, the photo uploader lets you drag & drop photos to upload to your site.

More about BesideYouForever

Zarin, a “techy, nerdy, singly guy” explains why BesideYouForever was created in a blog post about the Wedding of the Future:

…Unlike a Facebook event, it looks classy like a paper invite, and unlike a paper invite, it actually makes my life (and my guest’s lives) easier. That’s why we created BesideYouForever.com.

So that’s it. Mark my words, that’ll be the wedding standard in 2015. Heck, most of that can already be done. Get started by making your personal wedding website.

Valentine’s day is less than a week away…

Who knows?

If things go well, you could end up making your own wedding site sooner than you think.

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