Enter To Win A ZAGGsparq By Telling Us How You Would Have Used One During Your Summer Vacation

School is starting at campuses across the country. For many, this event signals the end of summer and the start of homework, lectures, and all-nighters at the library. In an effort to bring a bit of hope to those mourning the close of summer, we’re giving away 5 ZAGGsparq portable chargers. If you aren’t familiar with the ZAGGsparq family, see the video below:

5 lucky winners will each receive a ZAGGsparq 3100. To enter, simply tell us how you would have used the ZAGGsparq during your summer vacation by filling out the form below. You have until 11:59 p.m. MDT on September 2, 2013. Winners will be contacted by email. We will also feature entries in an upcoming ZAGGblog post. Limit one entry per household. Good luck!

This Giveaway Has Ended.

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  • https://twitter.com/dharmik_mehta DHARMIK MEHTA

    Thank you

  • Mike Smukula

    zaggsparq3100, looks like a pretty neat device!

  • GmaBernie

    This looks very handy. Small, compact, easy to pack along.

  • Aliki Lianou


  • karel dampies

    the best tool ever and if you don’t have get one soon.

  • karel dampies

    easy tool to have and take along where ever you go.
    the best tool to have and to used.

  • karel dampies

    super dupper

  • karel dampies

    you cant’ be without it so get it soon and you see for yourself.

  • Todd Hochman

    a nice device to have and even necessary

  • My86gw

    Great device to have when unable to find power source.

  • Janels

    The largest one is quite bulky and surprisingly heavy–to big to “toss in into your purse” as the video suggests.

  • Constitution

    I was in Hawaii and had forgotten to bring my car charger. After being out in my rental car going different places and using my phone, I had one last errand to do for a friend before heading to the house we were staying in. I used a navigational app to find the store I needed to go to. Just as the directions were coming on screen, the phone went dead. I had to call off the errand and run it the next day, killing an entire morning, instead of adding 5 minutes to my travels the prior day. I charge would have allowed me to return to surfing the next morning.

  • Denise N

    One of these would have been great on our camping adventure! We camped amd travelled along the route of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge course! Had to keep up with the race stats and rider locations along the way! More power is always good!

  • richard tyler

    At the airport when you need to find an outlety and they are all being used by other people charging their connected devices tethered to the wall seated in uncompromising positions. I would have been able to confidently walk on the plane and use my tablet during the entire flight with confidence.

  • Guest

    I was at a concert trying to get directions online on my phone, and since there were so many people on their mobile devices, it really drained my already low battery status while it was slowly pulling up the webpage. Then I had to save on power so I couldnt use my camera on it anymore. This would have really come in handy that night!

  • Elias Arce


    I was at my sisters house for the holiday and the radio station was giving away UFC TICKETS I called in and won but the radio dj put me on hold before he could take my info down to send me the tickets. he had to wait for a coomercial break to get it all squared away. 2 minutes later my phone died. it turns out my nephew was playing angry birds on my phone all day. if i had a ZAGGsparq I would be watching people punch each other in vegas instead of watching people punch each other at home.