Esty Innovation: An astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs

I love Kickstarter, and I love Etsy. I love the new online retail services that allow and encourage niche products. If you’re into tech, and costumes, this may be the product for you:

Electronic Helmet

SimpleAsPi has a sweet astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs. The helmet is light, but is comes with padding to make the helmet soft on the shoulders.

This astronaut helmet has a visor that opens and closes all the way so you can talk to other people or say “brb, going into space.” LEDs are arranged around the inside back of the helmet so it glows from the inside. The back of the helmet is painted solid white.

The basic electronic features:

  • LEDs on the inside light up in 16 different colors
  • Includes a remote control to change LED color
  • Comes with a 12V battery pack that lasts for hours and hours

Check it out on Etsy if you’re interested.

Joshua Howland

Joshua is a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. He is currently building a company that focuses on educational mobile applications: LearnStack. His favorite posts to write compare companies and products. He loves sports and start ups and talks about them (along with tech) on Twitter (@jkhowland) and his blog (

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