Exercising Earphones: ZAGGsmartbuds an option?

As with most of you, one of my resolutions for 2011 is to lose some weight and spend more time at the gym. Surprisingly enough, two weeks into January I have held true to my healthier diet and to my workout schedule. With all my increased time at the gym though, I have learned a couple of new things. First, don’t take the machine from the 300-pound bodybuilder, he doesn’t like it. The second thing I learned was that a good pair of earphones is essential to cardio success.

I have been spending a lot of time in the cardio room, a whole lot… Nothing provides that extra motivation like some good tunes, and the right pair of earphones can make or break you. My first option was to use an old pair of 2 dollar earphones that had been rotting in my drawer, needless to say, not a great success.

Next on the docket were my ZAGGsmartbuds. Because I blog for ZAGG, I am lucky to have some access to their products, their smartbuds being an example. I was hesitant to use them for the gym though since they are a nice pair of earphones, and I sweat like a fat-kid in front of cake when I workout. Having no other real options with my college-student financial status, I brought the ZAGGsmartbuds.

Long story short, they rocked, literally. The sound quality on these is awesome, and while not entirely essential at the gym, it was a nice added perk. Additionally, the noise-cancelling aspect was REALLY nice. I was much happier to listen to ACDC rather than to hear the two women next to me discuss new floral patterns for their living room furniture.

Another nice feature was the volume control on the cord. Getting out my iPod to change the volume mid-workout is always a pain, but the ZAGGsmartbuds alleviated that additional stress. Along that same route, the earphones allow you to skip and advance songs without pulling out your iPod. The last benefit of the smartbudds was that they actually stayed in my ears comfortably. In almost a month of gym time they have yet to fall out. They slider makes them easy to adjust, and even with my other-worldly sweatiness, they stayed comfortably in place.

Overall, while the smartbudds may be a slightly more expensive version of exercise earphones (retail: $49.99), they are definitely worth it. One feature that I forgot to mention is that if you are using your iPhone for music, the earphones let you talk on the phone without breaking stride (for the rest of, try to hold off on that feature). The ZAGGsmartbuds surprised me even more with their durability. If they can survive almost a month at the gym with me, they can survive years of use with someone else. So, if you’re looking for a new pair of earphones for the gym, I say go for the ZAGGsmartbuds.

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  • kl

    “I sweat like a fat-kid in front of cake when I workout” Golden sentence.