#ExpressYourSelfie, win $1000 with eXacly.me

Has being yourself ever earned you $1000? Well, maybe it’s time that it did. An online social media start-up called eXacly.me wants to give you the chance to show the world what you’re made of before it launches later this year, and they’re willing to pay to know who you are.

#ExpressYourSelfie with eXacly.me

#ExpressYourSelfie with eXacly.me

According to the start-up’s homepage, eXacly.me is “the world’s first visual opinion app.” Through the app, you can express your likes and dislikes by swipe-selecting through user-generated (and business-generated) photos and videos. Over time, the app starts to get to know you, and then you’ll start to receive recommendations—and get to know other users—that are relevant to your interests and aspirations.

eXacly.me allows businesses to engage with their customers through widgets on their websites, Facebook apps, the eXacly.me website, and mobile. It will help businesses present products, services, and deals to those who have demonstrated interest in the brand or lifestyle qualities that are important to the brand’s image. It will also give businesses an idea of how their customers use their products—and who they are as people.

The app is supposed to launch this summer on iPhone/Android, and the #ExpressYourSelfie contest is their way of drumming up some content. Sign up through Facebook to post your eXacly.me photo(s). Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the website/app has already received more than $1.5 million in investments, so prepare to see more of eXacly.me very soon.

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