FAA Advisory Board Could End Restrictions On Airplane Gadget Use

Oh Alec Baldwin, you’ve really done it this time.

Well actually, let’s hope he has. Ever since the veteran actor/comedian made his infamous rant when a stewardness told him to turn off his phone and stop using “Words with Friends,” the 30 Rock star has since been a poster child for change regarding the FAA restriction against in flight gadgets during take off and landing. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Baldwin may soon get his wish.

The FAA is reportedly ready to ease the 50 year old restrictions on use of in flight gadgets after a 28 member advisory board has prepared a brief to be presented, stating that such restrictions are unjustified. If the FAA agrees with the board and lifts the restrictions, passengers will be able to use their in flight gadgets not only at 10,000 feet, but at take off and landing as well.

The brief even has a section for calls during flight that the FAA “may or may not address.”

When will the ban be lifted if the FAA agrees with the board? Passengers may be able to use their Kindles, Androids, iPads and Nintendo Ds’ as soon as this September when a final verdict is expected.

What do you think? Should we leave well enough alone and relish in a few minutes of peace and quiet or is this rule really ancient? Sound off in the comments. Source: The Verge

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