Facebook Launches App Center

The Facebook App Center officially launched a few days ago with iOS, Android, and webpage versions. At first glance, it may appear that Facebook is attempting to challenge the existing app marketplaces found in Apple’s App Store or Google Play but this is not the case, at least for now. The App Center instead links to about 600 mobile and web apps that all connect to Facebook. The App Store and Google Play exist as separate apps on mobile devices. In contrast, the App Center resides directly inside of Facebook’s mobile and website versions.

As of this writing, the App Center does not show up in my Facebook profile yet but it will soon appear as a link on the left side menus found in both the website and mobile versions. While the link has not yet appeared, you can still check it out by visiting www.facebook.com/appcenter.

The layout is simple enough. As the screen cap shows from my own visit, the App Center shows recommendations based on your own app usage as well as apps that your friends are using. Featured apps are shown prominently at the top and right side of the screen. The web version has menus on the left to help navigate to more apps of interest. For me, the recommended apps section did a good job of showing apps similar to what I already use and showed several that did pique my interest.

While the App Center is not yet a marketplace, instead linking to Facebook friendly apps, Facebook will be allowing developers to feature paid apps as well as free apps with in-game purchases enabled. While there are only about 600 apps available now, look for that number to grow in the coming weeks.

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