Facebook Hacker Hacks Zuckerberg’s Timeline To Report Bug

Sometimes conventional methods just don’t work.  That’s what Khalil Shreateh, a Palestinian developer and hacker, found out after he tried to notify Facebook of a serious bug in the system.

What was the serious bug? Well, let Shreateh demonstrate:

The bug allows anyone – regardless of if they know you or not – to post on your timeline.

Shreateh first tried the post on Sarah Goodin’s, a former classmate of Zuckerberg’s, wall.  He included a link to the post in his email but because the employee was not friends with Goodin, he could not see the post.

Shreateh tried again to notify Facebook through an official report, explaining the bug once again, but the report was ignored.  Finally, Shreateh proved his point and was rewarded by not receiving the typical $500 cash payment for reporting valid bugs, because he had violated Facebook’s privacy rules by posting on Zuckerberg’s timeline.

Well, Facebook may not appreciate Shreateh but I’m pretty sure all of the users do.

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