Facebook News: Editing Comments and Find Friends Nearby

Facebook Edit Comments

Facebook Allows Comment Editing

Facebook has quietly integrated two new features over the last few days into both their mobile and web platforms. The first feature is the long overdue ability to edit comments. It’s really quite surprising that it has taken this long for the “edit” option to be introduced but better late than never. Previously, if you noticed a mistake you had made after already clicking “post” you’d have to either live with it or delete the comment entirely. Now, you can go back and fix your mistake. The “edit” option has been combined with the same icon in the top right corner that you click to remove a post.

Find Friends Nearby

In other Facebook news, a new feature has appeared in the mobile version. When searching for friends or people you may know on Facebook there is now a section labeled “find friends nearby.” This differs from searching for friends who live in the same town as you. The feature does require both parties to have the “find friends nearby” section open, which explains why my own search came up empty. Some practical applications for this feature could be when you are at a business or social gathering with a group of new people and you want a quick, easy way to add new contacts. Instead of taking down names or Facebook addresses, both of you can simply open up the “find friends nearby” tab and add each other with a couple of clicks. A one-sided search for people you want to add is still best accomplished through the basic “find friends” or through a search.

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