Is Your Status As An Organ Donor Facebook Official?

The world’s largest social network announced earlier this week that they will be offering help for the global shortage of donor organs by creating an organ donor option on the new Facebook Timeline. The site revamped its Groups feature to allow users to register to become an organ donor, as well as share their story about why or how they made that choice. The organ donor status can be shared publicly or kept private, and is linked to the official donor registry. Facebook’s organ donor move was designed to help more than 114,000 people in the U.S. and millions more around the world get the heart, liver and kidney transplants that they need.

This new change is easy to make, all Facebook users need to do is go to their Timeline, click on “Life Event” and then “Health and Wellness.” From there they will see the option for “Organ Donor,” at which point they can then add when and where they registered and their personal story. And for those users who are not registered and would like to, Facebook is providing a link to the appropriate registry to sign up.

With far too few organs available to meet the transplant need in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world, Facebook plans to expand its donation registration effort to other countries soon, including Australia and the Netherlands. According to Donate Life America, 18 people die every day from lack of available organs. Currently only 42 percent of Americans 18 and older are registered as organ and tissue donors, making this dilemma even harder. Hopefully with this addition to the massive social network, hope has been restored to many of the families in need.

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