Facebook Rules the World

Five years ago when I was a senior in high school I hadn’t even heard of Facebook. MySpace was around, but it was nearing its end. If you had asked me to give a definition of what “social networking” was I would have said something related to jobs or friends and connections. The thought of someone not knowing what Facebook is today seems absolutely absurd. EVERYONE uses Facebook, or so it seems.  Over 200 million Americans log onto Facebook every month, spending over 7 hours monthly on the site. This absolutely destroys figures for any other online site. Facebook even blows Google out of the water.

So, why does it matter? Businesses realize as marketing campaigns are heavily driven by information gleaned from Facebook. Employers are increasingly turning their job search to Facebook, mainly towards younger audiences. The point is that you can do nearly anything and find almost anyone on the site. Nobody really knows how to best navigate privacy settings, so now our information is available to countless other profiles, which may or may not have a real person attached to them.

The average college student user of Facebook spends around 5 hours a week on the site, and for some people that figure is exponentially larger. That figure is only going to continue to increase as more people get sucked into the vortex that is Facebook. Not to say that I am not one of them, I schedule most of my meetings via Facebook, and even my current job uses at as a means of group communication.

Overall, the point is that Facebook is ballooning into the elephant in the room that you can’t escape. It’s getting to the point to where Facebook literacy is an extremely marketable skill in the job market. So maybe all those wasted hours I spent on Farmville (the epitome of a time-waster) could actually turn into a job, who knows? If you want to succeed in the future and prepare yourself accordingly, just log on, everyone else is…

Image courtesy of: mashable.com

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