Facebook’s Biggest Update Ever – Actions and Apps

Just when you thought that Facebook was as integrated with your life as possible, Mark Zuckerberg and crew announce the most substantial update to the site yet.

Facebook Actions is a new way to interact with apps, content, and brands. In Facebook’s big announcement Wednesday, they unveiled 60 new apps that will function within the Facebook platform, creating a social networking mega-site. Some of the apps in the Facebook App Store include Pinterest, Rotten Tomatoes, Runkeeper, Hulu, StubHub, Airbnb, Living Social, Spotify, Fab, and Urbanspoon.

Facebook believes that the apps will help users express themselves and tell their “personal stories” on Timeline. The company envisions thousands of Timeline apps, maybe even hundreds of thousands. Any application that wants to integrate with Facebook Actions and Timelines will be approved in coming months. Facebook executive Carl Sjogreen said at last night’s event,

Any app you find meaningful will be able to connect to Facebook in a way that’s more meaningful than just clicking a “Like” button or automating shares from that app to your Facebook wall — and that all your stories will be told, not through a universe of apps, but universally on Facebook and with a structured context.”

Last night, “Apps for Timeline” formally launched, embedding actions from partnered apps into a user’s timeline. Some dub this change “f-Commerce” or “Facebook Apps 2.0,” as it evolves the current system of “liking” something on Facebook into other actions such as “want” and “own.” Actions will help bring more opportunities to learn about products and content between Facebook users. One of the best parts of Actions is that you can use them without “oversharing” with your friends, because it will post to the sidebar ticker instead of the general news feed.

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