Fan spends Super Bowl Week with Steelers WR @antoniobrown84 thanks to a tweet

Athletes and celebrities have been known to respond to their fans using social media. There were the military personnel who got dates to the ball with Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, and now Tim Tebow. Kevin Durant joined a game of flag football near Oklahoma State during the lockout. Ochocinco bought some of his Twitter followers a fancy dinner. Most people would be happy with a simple mention or re-tweet, but this story brings fan/star interaction on Twitter to a whole new level.

January 31 9:29 am: Tweet from @AntonioBrown84: Indianapolis #steelernation talk to me

January 31 9:39 am: Tweet from @sdpaladin: @AntonioBrown84 I live in Indy! Let’s get lunch! How’s 12:30?

And that’s how it all began for Seth Paladin, Steelers fan, and Antonio Brown, Steelers 2nd year wide receiver. Brown was in Indy for the Super Bowl, so Seth decided to reach out to him on Twitter to see if he could get a response. Brown responded, and eventually invited Seth to his hotel room. The pair hit it off immediately and actually ended up spending a ton of time together that week. You can check out the full story here, but here’s a recap of the week’s activities:

  • Went to a local gym, where Brown showed Seth his workout routine. They even swam laps together in the pool
  • Seth invited Brown to his friends birthday party at an upscale restaurant. Brown picked up the bill
  • Another workout session, then lunch
  • Early morning Pilates
  • VIP tickets to the Celebrity Flag Football Challenge
  • Brown gave Seth his credit card to go buy him Gucci shoes, because he forgot his

Antonio Brown sounds like an awesome guy. What a great story. Afterward, Seth had this to say:

“Twitter has always been a neat tool, but this encounter took it to another level for me. Twitter puts everyone on an even playing field. Don’t pass up an opportunity to interact with a role model, because you never know what they might say. Trust me.”

Lesson learned!

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