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Well, folks. This is my last ZAGG Blog post, at least for a while. Its been a great experience and I’m hoping you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed typing them up.

Before I ride off into the sunset with a sequined Cowboy hat of some sort, I thought it would be great to recommend some of my favorite podcasts and hear some of your favorite as well. Think of it as a farewell podcast swapping party which are so prevalent, especially in the midwest.

Before I go any further, to those not familiar with what a podcast is, let me explain. It is essentially a radio show that you can download and listen to on your own time. Most are free and can be accessed through the iTunes store and other sources. I find them to be great to listen to while working, cleaning, driving, etc.. and is a great way to keep up with whatever are your interests.

As mentioned, below are a few of my favorites that center around technology and lifestyle.

This American Life: This podcast is pretty much a staple for any listener. Each week Ira Glass and his team share amazing stories from around the world that captivate and amaze all who listen. Make this your top priority if you are just getting into podcast listening.

This is my next Podcast: I’ve mentioned this podcast before and if you didn’t take my advice then, humble yourself and do it now. This is a great podcast on the week’s news in tech. Not only is the team informed and really analyze the current market, but each contributor is pretty hilarious. Check out their bingo site made by a fan to see what you are missing, then, play along the next time you listen. A great combination of good tech news, analysis and humor.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me: Speaking of humor, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is a truly the humor arm of NPR. Each week, this “quiz show” assembles a panel of known comedians and authors to answer questions about the news. It is a great recap of the week in a hilarious fashion. Enjoy.

MacBreak Weekly: If you are a “Mac Fanboy” as they say, this is a good listen. Leo Laporte and his panel talk about the week in Apple news (are you catching the trend here?) and share there own expertise. Most on the panel are a little older and a bit little corny sometimes, but if you listen like you are listening to your uncle or something, you can look past the cheese and enjoy there analysis.

The Talk Show: Another Mac (with other tech) podcast, but this time with only two guys: John Gruber and Dan Benjamin. John is notorious in the Mac community for getting tips from Apple itself and seems to have a foot in both worlds. An added bonus is when he and Dan review a James Bond movie at the end each week. I haven’t even seen a lot of the older Bond films, but just enjoy listening to their commentary.

The DroidShark Podcast: This one’s the best for sure. Okay, maybe I’m a little bias because my friend is on it…and me. This was started by my pal Andy Laugenour and I as a bit of a respite during school. One week I would talk about a random topic on technology and the next week he would cover a random topic on nature. He’s since moved up to Portland, but we recorded 6 new episodes to be released each Friday. Check out episode 16 to be released tomorrow and subscribe in iTunes here.

Those are just a few of my faves. What are yours? Sound off in the comments…and thanks for reading.

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  • GiveMeAGuinness

    Please check out my favorite, The Adam Carolla Show. So funny. The man is a genius when it comes to common sense and analogies!