How Do They Compare? The Features of MW3 and BF3 Explained

The battle has begun between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 and it all comes down to features. Both games are first person shooters and are known for their large scale maps, as well as unbelievably realistic graphics, but with the recent releases both games have come to a clash for the console top spot.

Traditionally, Call of Duty Games are known for arcade style play, limiting players to one-on-one battling and simple ground tactics. Modern Warfare’s structure and atmosphere are extremely familiar to those of Modern Warfare 1 and 2, causing some up rise about the game being too “boring”. But is familiarity really a bad thing? As human beings, we are as attracted to patterns and repetition as we are to innovation, making Modern Warfare 3 one of the top most wanted first person shooters out there this holiday season. On top of that, Call of Duty has attracted an enormous amount of fan loyalty with the frequency of their game releases and map packs.

Battlefield 3 has taken things to a different level by adding much more detail to both their PC and console versions. The first difference between the games would be the ability to drive tanks, humvees, jets, helicopters, transport vehicles, dune buggies, and even boats with the option for passengers. Battlefield 3 can also support up to 24 players on console and 64 players on PC, making desktop versions more suitable for realistic battles. Battlefield 3 graphics have also taken a huge step in the PC world, making Battlefield as close as it gets to real life simulation.

Overall, both have comparable features as well as distinctive ones that separate them from each other. Both franchises have been available on PC and console, with Battlefield 3 specifically designed around the PC interface. Since Xbox and PS3 are both respectively 5 and 6 years old, it is hard to compete with consistent upgrades to speed, processing power and graphics capabilities that PC’s have, therefore Battlefield 3 has far more intense graphics on its PC version, than on its console version.

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