Find Your Stuff With These Bluetooth Location Stickers

Last month I wrote about an iPhone case that came with sensors you could attach to objects such as your keys, and with the two gadgets paired together, you could either use the case to find your keys, or your keys to find your case.

It was a neat idea, but a new location-sensing idea crowdfunding site Indiegogo may trump that previous concept: The Stick N Find is a set of bluetooth-enabled stickers that you can attach to stuff, and then use the bluetooth that you already have on your phone to find the items, whether they be a set of keys, a wallet, a book, or a small child/animal.

The app on your phone (which is compatible with any iOS and most Android 4.0 devices) will show you a radar-style screen, helping you pinpoint the distance away from you that each of your stickers are located. The device can’t sense direction, but with a little trial-and-error, one would be able to figure out approximately which direction the object they are looking for is located. If you have multiple objects/stickers within range of your phone when you’re in “seek” mode, each object would show up on your radar. The batteries in the individual stickers are replaceable, and are said to last for about a year with normal use.

The creators of Stick N Find posted their product to Indiegogo with the hope of raising $70,000 to continue development of the product, and they’ve since raised more than $625,000. People can still choose to invest in the product and will receive Stick N Find stickers in return for their contribution. A $35 contribution would net you two stickers, while $65 would get you four, and obviously more money nets more stickers.

This seems like a great idea with a lot of potential given that the bluetooth sensors have a range of approximately 100 feet, they are relatively inexpensive, and they don’t require the addition of an expensive iPhone case.

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