Fitbit, Nike+ FuelBand, and Google’s Project Glass: Wearable tech is about to become a $1.5 billion dollar business

There are a number of ‘wearable’ computing products out there on the rise. Companies like Fitbit and Google’s Project Glass are only a few. People love wearable tech. I know that some of our top posts on ZAGGBlog are about wearable iPods and fitness tech.

Apparently the business is projected to grow to $1.5 billion.

Emerging and new

A study by Juniper believes that once we hit 2014, the revenue of the industry will grow immensely.

It is worth noting that Juniper’s definition of wearable computing includes both emerging technology like Google’s Project Glass as well as more established smart watches and wearable health and fitness gizmos.

Will consumers actually use them?

Wearable technology is interesting and exciting. But is it realistic? Do you own any of the wearable tech today? Do you have a Nike fitness wristband?

When it comes to companies like Google Glass, they have a long up hill battle. We’re talking about products that no-one has found consistent use for. They do make for really cool product demos, though, don’t they?

Joshua Howland

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