Fitbit vs. Nike FuelBand vs. Jawbone Up vs. BodyMedia: The Ultimate Fitness Band Showdown

What happens when you exercise with 4 different fitness gadgets at the same time? CNET writer and search industry leader Danny Sullivan has been testing this out for a few weeks and the stats he’s been tweeting are pretty surprising.

For several weeks, Sullivan has been wearing a Nike FuelBand, Fitbit One, and Jawbone Up exercise/fitness band at the same time to track daily steps and calories along with burned calories for things like skating and paddleboarding. Part-way through, he added the BodyMedia FIT LINK.

So with 4 fitness trackers on at the same time, here are what the stats look like:

Highly Scientific Statistical Breakdown of Performance (AKA Gut Reaction)

Half of me is impressed that all of the bands are in a similar ballpark. Of course, these are all quality companies. But there are definite differences.

If you want to feel awesome about how many calories you’re burning (probably due to inflation), then BodyMedia appears to be your best friend. On the other hand, if you want to be performing better than what your fitness band is actually telling you, even though you’ll feel demoralized, then Fitbit is the band for you.

It’s hard to gauge where the true number of calories and steps falls, but it’s a cool test showing that there’s going to be some definite variability in performance.
You may also experience some other frustrations in the process…


  • Martine

    Wish you’d worn the Bodymedia the whole time. I’ve worn one for nearly five years. When I was in the losing weight mode I scrupulously recorded my food and calories burned vs calories in resulted in the right amount of lbs lost. I believe it’s the most accurate device.
    I’ve had to replace my unit several times and while I wish I didn’t have that “thing” on my arm all the time, I love the feedback.