Flip has Flipped

Well, if you haven’t heard the surprising, but not surprising, but surprising news from Cisco, (not to be confused with this Sisqo) it is that they are killing their Flip program. Thats right, that Flip program. The one that makes the Flip cameras with HD video recording and a switch blade-like USB stick for easy transfer to your mac or PC…yup that one.

Why is it surprising, but not surprising, but surprising? Well, it is surprising because the product itself was still growing in the consumer space. People were snatching up the relatively cheap pocket video camera for quick, high quality memory capturing without having to lug around their larger home video cameras. It seemed like a great memory-capturing solution. That is, until the “unsurprising” news came along.

I guess you could say no one was surprised when Cisco shut the doors on Flip because it only seemed like a matter of time as higher quality video capturing was becoming more and more prevalent on smartphones. Devices like Apple’s iPhone 4 and Motorola’s DROID line were offering pretty similar video and audio quality. Enough to convince people that there wasn’t a need to carry around two pocket devices when your smartphone which you already ‘need’ with you will suffice.

The axing of the program is still interesting though because the Flip brand and company were acquired by Cisco a mere 2 years ago. 590 million is a lot to dump into a company to only drop two years later. Perhaps they felt they could tap into a niche that would avoid the eventual smartphone onslaught. Either way, flip is gone and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Kodak and others with similar products to send them out to pasture as well.

What do you think? Any Flip users out there? Once users? Let us know your thoughts by sound off in the comments…

Sources: PCMag.com and CNNMoney.com
Image Source: PCMag.com

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  • http://twitter.com/FLboyzmom KD Munoz

    I’m a user- in fact, my whole house has them! We got them as a cheaper form of entertainment on travels with our boyz. Instead of paying 20.00 at the drug store for a cheaper version of 1 x use ones- we invested into ones they could use repeatedly & have HOURS of footage from our boyz perspective & opinions on one another, vacations & who knows what else… Not to mention, they really did stand behind this product, and serviced them in the US which pleased our family greatly.

    • Ryan M.

      Hmm. Thats a great use for them. How fun for your boyz! Great idea…