For $14.99 Per Month You Can Get Unlimited Magazines On Your iPad

The iPad is a great device, we all know this, and I love using mine. One thing that I’ve done fairly infrequently on my device, however, is read magazines.

I recently started a new subscription to The New Yorker and received my first issue in the mail last week. I enjoy flipping through magazines, but I wanted to add the subscription to my iPad, so I went through the process of setting up an account with my subscription linked through the Apple Newsstand. That process was pretty seamless, but I started Googling around for some other things and somehow stumbled across an iPad app called Next Issue that promises unlimited magazines for a fee of $14.99 a month.

Intrigued, I downloaded Next Issue (thanks to a free month-long trial) after seeing that it offered a significant selection of magazines that I am interested in or that I already subscribe to (publications such as Fortune, Fast Company, Time, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and more.)

Once Next Issue was downloaded, there was a quick signup process involved on the Next Issue website (which I seamlessly handled from my iPad web browser) and I was able to start selecting the magazines I wanted access to on my iPad. It quickly became apparent to me that this was an app that I was going to love.

Not only does Next Issue give me access to the latest issues of many of my favorite magazines as they are released, but I also get full access to the library of past issues for all my magazines.

The full list of magazines available for download through Next Issue can be found on their site. Needless to say, it is a pretty comprehensive list, although there are some big titles missing (Newsweek, for example.) The experience of reading a magazine using Next Issue is pretty comparable to reading an issue published natively through the Apple Newsstand. I feel like the navigation in a Newsstand version of a magazine might be just slightly more smooth than the Next Issue navigation, but the difference is pretty negligible and is certainly made up for with the wealth of content you get access to. The ultimate question for users of the app is whether $14.99 a month is too steep a price to pay for the content. A good way to gauge whether that price point is fare would be based on the number of magazines you either already subscribe to or would like to subscribe to. If you go at the very low end of magazine subscription ranges, and say that a yearly subscription would be $14.99, then if you subscribe to more than 12 magazines, Next Issue would be a good deal for you.

What I’m finding with the free trial is that not only is it valuable to be able to discover whether I like the content and the way the app handles, but I can see if the app is something I turn to on a daily basis. As a single guy, I am not sure if I will ultimately read enough from enough magazines to get my value out of the app, but I can definitely see how the app would deliver a lot of value for a married couple, as it is entirely reasonable for each adult member of the household to have an interest in six or more different magazines.

I used the iPad version of Next Issue, although an Android version also exists. If you’re a magazine lover and are thirsty for more content at a single monthly price, get Next Issue a try.

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