For $558 This Gadget Blasts Stinky Ions And Keeps Clothes Fresh

You can certainly try to mask the any odors that might be found in your closet. Some people try leaving a box of soap open, or spraying their clothes with cologne (like Abercrombie in stores).

Living in Japan

While I was in Japan it was hard to keep clothes in the closet fresh. The humidity will get you. It’s no surprise then that this product comes from Japan.

[The Plasmacluster] is a system developed and sold by Daiwa of Japan that makes use of ions to get rid of odors and keep your closet smelling clean and fresh.

Are Ions Real?

The scientific story behind this product is far from simple:

The negative and positive ions that it releases fasten onto clothes surfaces where the suspended microbes are, forming oxidizing hydroxide radicals. This instantly causes the removal of hydrogen from the proteins, which causes the physical breakdown of the microbes, rendering them inactive, giving you a clean, nice-smelling closet.

Get more, pay more

It’s a high end system that costs ¥45,990 (~$558 USD). If you’re looking to kill the smell, rather than just cover it, then you probably have higher end tastes anyway.

This obviously isn’t the only option, but if it works, it’s a pretty sweet one.

Image Source: Technabob

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