Four brands to follow on Twitter

Four brands that I follow on Twitter that might be useful to you. From airlines to coffee, check out the bottom four companies making big news on Twitter daily.


Who doesn’t love an airline company that actually responds to customer inquiries? One of my favorite airlines, only because they have TVs at every seat, is making their name known even more become of their presence on Twitter. JetBlues live feed is a combination of customer problem responses to exciting news. The Tweets are from a compilation of JetBlue employees. If you ever have a problem or concern with Jetblue, Tweet them and expect to hear back. Also if your looking for cheep deals on airfare check out their @JetBluecheeps feed.


I love coffee and even more Starbucks coffee. The presence that Starbucks coffee has on Twitter in terms of other coffee chains is unprecedented. Starbucks has 1.3 million followers on Twitter. Dunkin Donuts, probably the biggest competitor to Starbucks, has just passed the 70K follower mark. The reason I love following them on Twitter is that they answer their followers/customers questions and inquiries. They actually “seem” to care about their customers, and even provide some insight on what Starbucks HQ is doing. They also provide their latest promotions and coffee news via their Twitter feed.


Probably the fashion brand that everyone should try to follow. Gap has over 58K followers and is growing minute by minute. This Twitter powerhouse has won over followers because of the special deals and promotions that they run exclusively with Twitter. My favorite promotion they have done is that if you checked in on Facebook to any Gap store, you received a free pair of jeans. All in all this is a great retailer with amazing online presence. They have deals on Groupon, Facebook, mobile texting promotions, and Twitter. Make sure to check their feed for all the latest steals and deals.


Definitely the best customer service orientated Twitter page I have seen, out of all them. If the page had a motto it would go something like this “Fixing customers problems, one Tweet at a time”.  The live feed is full of Tweets that are centered around customers needing help. The best part is that they are quite timely about getting back to you. Meaning that the turn around time for your problem is cut in half. I used this when my parents cable crashed and they were nothing but more helpful about getting it taken care of.

So ZAGG users do you follow these businesses? Any other suggestions for big companies to follow on Twitter?

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