Freecom’s Mobile Drive Mg

Technology in America is usually considered to be more sleek and sexy when it is smaller and thinner.  One of the coolest technologies that is still relatively new is the portable hard drive, and there is no portable hard drive that is thinner or sexier than Freecom’s Mobile Drive Mg.

Freecom was the first company to release a portable USB 3.0 hard drive and is still dedicated to creating fast and ultra-portable hard drives.  The Mobile Drive Mg has a USB port that, when connected to a computer, can fire data back and forth at a rate as high as 130 MB/sec.

Besides this blazing fast speed, it is thinner than an average pen, measuring in at 10 mm thick.  Or should I say 10 mm thin?  Either way, it’s skinnier than most supermodels.  And it looks sleek too.  It is said in the press release to be the perfect compliment to a MacBook, matching it nicely with its shiny magnesium casing.  It can be used with any computer, provided there is a USB port, but this hard drive seems to have definitely been made with the Apple enthusiast in mind, most because this drive will only be available through Apple Premium Resellers.

At any rate, it’s cool, it’s fast, and depending on the capacity, it is reasonably priced.  Prices range from $69.95 (320 GB), $109.95 (750 GB), or $119.95 (750 GB) which includes USB 3.0 and Firewire technology.

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  • Beblieux

    I have been considering an external hard drive purchase to store photos. I really like the looks of this one…….they have come a long way. Thanks for the info.