Full Retail Pricing for Unlocked iPhone 5 Revealed on Apple’s Website

Apple’s website now shows the unlocked (full retail) price of the iPhone 5. If you’re not eligible for an upgrade, you don’t want to sign a contract, or if you’re taking it to another carrier, this is what you should expect to shell out next Friday.

For the 16gb iPhone 5: $649.

For the 32gb iPhone 5: $749.

For the 64gb iPhone 5: $849.

For those keeping track, it’s the same full retail pricing the 4S saw previously. Now, the iPhone 4S is only available in the 16gb configuration (still black and white options), and full retail has dropped to $549.

As for the original iPhone 4, which is now FREE on contract, a factory unlocked 8gb model will set you back $450.

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