G-Form makes athletic pads for sports, so they dropped an iPad from 1300 feet

G-Form makes athletic pads for sports, and used the same technology to make some intense iPad cases. They’ve shown a trust in their product – or a distaste for Apple’s tablet – because they dropped a bowling ball, and threw it out of a plane at 500 feet. As of today they’ve more than doubled that distance. G-Form dropped a couple of encased iPads from a parachute at a height of 1300 feet.

Of course, if the iPad had shattered, no one would have distributed this movie. It turns out that the case actually does protect devices. But case could have used an invisibleSHIELD; it looks like it took quite a beating.

If you’re in a situation where you absolutely need to protect your iPad and aren’t worried about how it ends up looking – like maybe a trip to the Savannah in Africa – it certainly seems like G-Form’s protection is a good way to go.

Source: G-form

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