Galileo mount lets you control your iPhone with another iOS device [Kickstarter project]

The Galileo is a unique stand for the iPhone and iPod touch.

At first I thought it was just another iPhone tripod adapter. It does allow you to mount your iPhone and iPod touch on a tripod, but that’s not all it does. You can remotely control which direction your iPhone/iPod Touch is facing… from another iOS device.

I didn’t realize this until about 30 seconds into the product video. Then my mind was blown:

As the video illustrates, this would be tremendously useful for video chatting as well as for creative photos and videos.


Galileo comes with an SDK. This means programmers can develop additional software to creatively utilize the Galileo

“Photo apps, video apps, facial recognition apps, game apps… really the possibilities are endless for what Galileo can do.”


Galileo works with the iPhone 3, iPhone 4, and iPod touch.

Order in bulk

For $10,000 you can order 170 units. You can also order smaller quantities. I haven’t noticed this before.

With $400,000 of their $100,000 reached so far, Galileo’s biggest concern isn’t getting backers – it’s meeting demand.

Get it fast — only about 10 days left

You have til Saturday, Apr 21, 2:03 am EDT.

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