Get 25GB Of Free Cloud Storage From Here

While physical storage media (USB flash drives, portable hard drives, etc) will always have a place in the world, the big thing now is cloud storage – that is, storage you can access from anywhere, on any device, anytime. You might be familiar with the big name players already – Dropbox,, Google Drive, and others – and they all offer free accounts with some basic storage to get you started.

I just found this promotion from, which gives you 25 gigs (instead of 5 gigs) for free, if you sign up using this form. Even if you use Dropbox or another cloud storage provider, why not go sign up anyway? You never know when an extra 25 gigs will come in handy — especially since you aren’t paying for it. There’s no telling how long it’s good for, so don’t put this off until later. Go. Go now.


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