Get in the Kno

I must admit, I’m not crazy about tablets. I know in this day that everything important is ran on a touch screen, but I’m still sold on my attached keyboard. But there is one tablet that I am actually looking into, and its the Kno. Based off  of education and textbooks, the Kno is a college students dream. This is not an iPad type of tablet, this tablet is more focused around learning. It will have the standard WIFI, audio/video playback, USB port, and the option of 16/32 GB.

Physically the Kno is made to be on the go, replacing textbooks and making the daily student load a lot lighter. Kno gave its consumers two options, a double screen or a single screen. The screens are 13.8 inches in height. The dimensions for the single screen tablet is 9.1 inches in width and the double screen tablet that stretches 18.3 inches across. Diagonally the screens are 14.1 inches. Battery life for the Kno is six hours,even for double screen. The reason why the double screen does not have a lower battery is due to each screen having its own battery. The other feature that I am EXTREMELY excited about is the pen stylist. Taking notes would be so easy on this!

Other cool features

  • The eReader app, which is like iTunes for textbooks.
  • Add your PDFs and make notes directly on them.
  • The Kno is also Google Docs and Office Live capable
  • It has a virtual notebook that you either take notes on using the stylist or the keyboard

Overall I’m really  on this tablet because its more for educational uses than recreation. I have a laptop to do all my goofing around on. I want something that is going to reduce my back pain due to all my heavy books, and I think this is just it. So college kids, are you going to to get in the Kno?


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