Getting the most out of your Apple products warranty

Buying a new product often comes with many extra products to protect the device. Keep your product clean and in one piece is always on the mind in case you decide to resell or upgrade one day. Sometimes there are things that happen that you just cannot fix or change the outcome of problems. Apple provides each new product with 90 days of software support as well as a year of hard where coverage. Here are a few tips to get those most out of this warranty.

Record Dates

The day your purchase your Apple product it is important that you right down the day that it was purchased. Keep this somewhere that you can easily find so you can refer back to it if you are having problems. I have had to call up Apple a few times to see if my devices were still under warranty. Sometimes that is not the quickest solution to find out so it is easiest just to already have it on hand.

Good till the last day

One day my wife’s iPod touch suddenly stopped responding to touch input. It would not allow us to slide to unlock and no matter what I did I could not get it passed the home screen. I called them up and schedule and appointment for later in the day to go and get it checked out. When I got to the Apple store they let me know that today was the very last day of my warranty. They checked in the iPod and made sure there was not water damage. They went to the back room and came back with a new (refurbished) iPod touch. It was super easy and really took less than 5 minutes.

Free Training

If you are new to the apple ecosystem that are quite a few things to learn. iOS is a pretty robust system and it takes more than a day to understand it all. With the 90 day software support they will teach you how to connect it to the network, how to use iCloud, and how to use all the Apple branded apps.

If you have had a good experience or simply want to keep your products protected even longer then the limited warranty you can always purchase Apple Care that can extend the warranty up to 2 years.

I recently had my iPad replaced because of a Wi-Fi issue and if I still wasn’t under warranty it would have cost me $249! For all of you that are now past your warranty, be careful out there.

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