This One GIF Shows The Differences Between iOS 6 And iOS 7

Nailed it.


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  • Jeff

    Anyone know Zagg’s stance on an iOS7 firmware update? Since upgrading my Ipad 3rd gen to iOS7, many of the keyboard shortcuts on my zaggfolio no longer work. This includes the search button, pictures shortcut, web shortcut, etc.

  • crawil

    I’m in the same boat but my keyboard won’t even pair with the iPad at all!

  • Cyberlunacy

    god the jony ive transformation creeps me out
    looks like the previous guy was really happy about io6 and jony ive is just pissed as hell at the way ios7 is.
    or Steve J. was really putting the wood to him and it went from pleasure to pain

  • Rabi

    There’s no pleasing some people!