Gifture makes animated stylized GIF creation easy and sharable (the Instagram of GIFs?)

Many times showing someone something you need more than a picture or a thousand words. A new iPhone app called Gifture allows you easily take a video of up to 20 frames or take up to 20 photos and add them together to easily create a animated GIF.

Creating a animated GIF on the computer always ends up taking quite a bit of work. This app allows you to easily share moments in GIF format with the click of a few buttons. You choose the length of GIF you want to record (up to 20 frames) or you simply just take pictures of what you would like to be played together. You can then go though and delete unwanted frames as well as choose the speed of the animation and add a stylized filter.

Once you have finished that process you can add a comment to it and share it on Twitter or Facebook. It will then of course show up in your Gifture feed. Right now, you probably have a high chance of getting up on the popular page since there aren’t too many users. You have the option of keeping your account private if you decide your GIFs are too epic for the world to see. Check out my first Gifture and let me know what you think.

The app works on iPhone and iPod touch as long as you have iOS 5.0. Currently many of your friends may not be on the service but maybe if you make a few worthwhile GIFs it will get their creative minds going. It may seems as if the app is competing against Instagram but really silent short videos are in a league of their own.

iTunes: Gifture

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