Gingerbread Easter Eggs on Halloween

With all the kids out in the neighborhood collecting candy recently shouldn’t you be able to get some too? If you are one of the Android owners with Gingerbread installed there may be a treat for you in a hidden easter egg. If you are not familiar with the different versions of Android, Gingerbread is 2.3. Right now your phone may have 2.3, 2.3.3, 2.3.4, or 2.3.5. There is a little eatser egg I would like to tell you about but I am going to make you wait a bit longer.

If you are not sure what version of Android OS you have here is how to do it. From the homescreen of your phone press “Menu”, then “Settings.” Scroll down to where you see “About Phone.” When you go into the next screen you will find a column with the title “Android Version.” Then it will state which version you have.

If you do not have Android 2.3 you have either not installed your Gingerbread update, your phone is more than a year old, or you have been forgotten about by the manufacturer. Taking a look at this graph we can see that 38% of Android phones are on Gingerbread, this is an increase of 30% from June of this year. This is the second most popular Android OS next to Froyo, which still is on 45% of the phones. Hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich will help these updates come faster in the future.

Now here is the easter egg. If you continually tap on the Android version in your settings that I previously mentioned the easter egg should pop up. I have heard that this does not work on Sense based HTC phones because HTC has removed it. I hope you enjoy it! Give us a count of how many clicks it took before you found it.

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