Gisele, Tom Brady, Matt Damon, & John Legend endorse this healthy candy. It mimics M&Ms and Reeses in a healthy way

Have you heard of Unreal candy?

If you come across a healthy-yet-still-tasty candy called Unreal, you might find yourself a bit happier than you were before.

Bill Gates had a few things to say about the new product:

In a blog post titled “Candy Innovation That’s Really Unreal,” the Microsoft co-founder writes about the candy and how it can be an example “of how innovation can be successful when it creates a better product, and proves that all of the junk and high amounts of sugar in many of our most popular foods (also exported around the world) may not need to be there in the first place.”

Unreal is going to make some awesome things happen. Their product mimics the other candies on the market like M&Ms and Reeses but they do it without adding junk.

Right now you can pick up Unreal candy from Target, Fred Meyer, QFC, Bartell’s and Michael’s. Watch the video and enjoy.


Joshua Howland

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