Give Your Android A Face Lift With Themer


One of the best things about having an Android phone is the ability to personalize and create any look you can imagine on your home screen.  We even have My Color Screen, which is the website where people can show off what they’ve done with their home screens.  Unfortunately, I have found that I’m not as creative as my phone wishes I could be. I see great screens and would prefer to just copy those.


This app, brought to us by My Color Screen, is fantastic.  Once you’ve installed it on your phone, you can browse through the many different themes.  Search by keyword, popularity, or most recently added.

All those great themes you’ve seen on My Color Screen but never had the time to figure out how to do on your own? They can be yours!

Themer Screen Shot

It’s as easy as finding the theme you want and clicking on “apply.”  Make sure your home launcher is set to Themer (Settings: Home: Themer) and you’re all set!  The app is still in beta, but they are adding new features and optimizing the app for a variety of phones.  HERE is a list of phones that are compatible.

I’ve got a lovely Christmas theme right now.

Make sure you follow @ThemerApp on Twitter to keep track of all new themes that are being released.

Download Themer Here.

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