Give Your Favorite Apple Product Some Vintage Flair

If you’re a tech lover, you are familiar with the clean, no-nonsense, modern aesthetic made popular by Apple.  But what if you adore your iPhone or iPad, but not the modern looking accessories that go along with it?  Well, don’t despair my retro revivalist friends! There is now a plethora of awesome vintage accessories to go along with your favorite gadget:

The Steroluxe AM/FM Radio + MP3 player from Urban Outfitters:

This sweet stereo has an integrated universal dock for you iPod or iPhone for both playing and charging, not to mention AM/FM radio functionality.

The Spinning Hat Typescreen:

How cool is this?  Not only does it look awesome, it’s entirely functional!  This little typewriter is compatible with both the iPad and iPad 2 and is an officially licensed Apple product.

The iRetrofone Base on Etsy:

Remember the good old days of holding a substantial receiver that hugged your ear as you used your phone?  Obviously, those phones weren’t nearly as portable as what we have now, but there are some things I miss about the telephones of days gone by.  The iRetrofone Base is compatible with all iPhones and has a fully functioning handset as well as complete compatibility with a USB cable.  It’s the perfect combination of old world style meets modern functionality.

Vintage iPhone skins:

These retro iPhone skins are perfect for those of you addicted to apps such as Hipstamatic.  Now the outside of your phone will match all those vintage looking photos you’ve been taking!  There are tons available out there, but here are just a couple to give you an idea.

The Photoroid:

Vintage iPhone camera cases

Speck Fitted Hard Shell Vintage Camera iPhone Case:

These are just are handful of awesome accessories available.  Even though iPhones and iPads are designed a certain way, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own personal sense of style.  What was once old is now new and hip all over again!

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