Go for a spin with these motorized skates

Remember the good old days of feeling the wind on your face while rollerskating? No? For many, this is a lost pastime, but there’s a chance that it may get a jumpstart thanks to a new gadget call SpnKiX, recently displayed at CES 2012.

These skates are motorized and battery powered and will strap right on to your shoes. They are controlled by a remote control that will strap to your hand. They even come with removable training wheels that will help you get started. All you have to do is keep your balance and “steer”.  The skates can go up to 10 mph and are designed for those who weigh 180 pounds or less. They’re also intended for people aged 16 and older (probably not wise to strap your kindergartner into these) and come in men’s shoe sizes from 6 through 14 and women’s shoe sizes from 7 to 15.5. Don’t expect to be going too far in these yet though. The rechargeable lithium battery will only last for 2 or 3 miles at a time.

These fancy skates aren’t available quite yet, but should be around March. Rumor has it they can be pre-ordered for $375, the full price eventually being a whopping $649.

Check out the video on their website to see the skates in action.

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