Go Pro Hero HD 3D

Oh the GoPro. A little action camera with big results. After practically exploding into the world of action sports last year, this little bundle of joy has been popping up everywhere. While not blogging for ZAGG I work up at Snowbird, and let me tell you something. EVERYONE has one. Either connected at the helmet, pole, or to their body. Though don’t be fooled when you see these outside of the slopes and on peoples bodies, surf boards, cars, and wherever you can stick them. And now to add to this years buzz about the GoPro, they decided to showcase their newest product at the CES show, the GoPro HD Hero 3D.

Action Sport and Camera lovers rejoice, and welcome the new GoPro HD Hero 3D.

Source/ CNET

I won’t lie the first time I saw this, my memory flashed back to Wall-E.

Source/ BAMs BLOG

The GoPro HD Hero 3D is essentially two Hero cameras mounted together. With the new 3D expansion, GoPro offers a new casing for the two cameras, that is of course water and shock proof. So how do we combine these images with two cameras now? Easy. GoPro made a cable that links together the BUS connections. Once connected one camera takes the lead of them, making it the controller of the two. Now after all that easy set up, GoPro users are ready to go and shoot. Thats pretty chill, right? No messy tweaking or wire cutting to be done.

So after your done shooting, GoPro created a 3D conversion program that essentially takes footage from both cameras and smashes them together creating some 3D goodness. Officially the conversion kit does not hit stores until February for a small price of $99.00. But dont worry, their are already some users that have converted and made their own 3D kits. Take a look at this footage to see.

Source/ Niklas Nilsson Vimeo

Also dont forget if you have a  GoPro HD Hero camera with 1080p HD it will be compatiable with the new expansion kit, meaning all you need to do is buy another Hero and your set.

ZAGG users we’d love to see your GoPro movies please feel free to post them in the comment section below!

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