Someone Just Paid Over $10,000 For A Gold iPhone 5s

Gold iPhone 5s sells for more than $10,000 on eBay

You had to see this coming.

With record-breaking sales of new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c units over the weekend, there’s a shortage for one model in particular: the gold iPhone 5s. Finding one right now is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I’ve called around to all the carrier stores, Best Buys, Wal-Marts, and Targets where I live and nobody has even seen one, let alone had any in stock.

It isn’t surprising to see them selling like hotcakes on sites like eBay and Craigslist. What IS surprising is the huge amount of money they’re commanding. This 16 GB factory unlocked gold iPhone 5s just sold moments ago for $10,100 USD, more than 15 times its $640 retail price. Astounding.

Here’s the original ad.


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  • Brant

    Wow. I took a gold phone only because they were out of the slate color. I put a case on anyways so I don’t care about color. Maybe I should eBay it. I have bills to pay. ;)

  • Char

    Just because it “sold” for that price it doesn’t mean the seller actually got paid for it. Look at the bidding history. Lots of 0 feedback bidders.

  • John

    Someone needs to get some common sense…Or just learn how to think…

  • Don Austen

    Many 0 feedback bidders. Probably the seller asked one of his friends ot fake bid so he could get his 15 minutes of fame. The fact is that you can order the phone from Apple without a problem for around $600.

  • Drrick1999

    I think I’m more surprised that they actually charged almost $50 to ship. For 10.1K, shipping should’ve been free! BTW: I would almost bet that it was an actual GOLD Iphone, not a gold colored case

    • Anonymous

      the buyer didn’t actually pay…he accidentally wrote 10.1k

  • chrlie

    not true , just for advertising

  • Rubber Snail

    Is all about making money. Watch and learn! :)

  • Rubber Snail

    Is all about making money. Watch and learn! :)

  • Just Me

    hahaha. good luck in trying to collect that money is all i can say to the seller. free publicity is cool, isn’t it?

  • JodyK from MacRumors

    Someone please tell the buyer it’s a good colored iPhone … Not an iPhone made of GOLD!

  • LucyQ

    The buyer typed in too many 0′s and then asked the seller to please cancel his bid….so while ebay shows that it “sold” for that much it really didn’t, and I think they’ve taken down that listing. And of course, I searched thru all ebay’s completed listings just to see before I googled to see if it was really true!!!